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When Jesus came to earth He had to correct the Pharisees because they added over 600 laws to the Bible that most could not obey or live up to (not even themselves) and many were ridiculous and hurt many. Jesus purposefully healed people miraculously on Shabbat to provoke the Pharisees to prove a point of how ridiculous their man made law was to observe of not doing “any work” during Shabbat. They were more concerned with people obeying their laws than actually getting people healed or helping them. They shamed people and made them feel less than. Who would not save a lamb that was in danger of dying just to observe a law they made up? He also called them out personally for not helping people and walking in pride, taking the best seats in the synagogue, making it known to all for show when they were fasting, as Jesus called them white washed tombs and vipers. 

Today there are many modern day religious Pharisees who don’t have the love of the Lord in their hearts for people and have no godly common sense and want a scripture for everything but have no discernment when others who hear the Holy Spirit understand the deeper truths that they are blind to. Many modern day Pharisees cannot understand the deeper truths because they confuse hearing demons with hearing from the Lord. They are angry, bitter and prideful and do not like people who truly walk in the ways of the Lord with His heart. They have hatred, envy, lust and pride. Below are just a few examples today of things they refuse to believe as truth:

  • There is no such thing as a spirit of Jezebel. The Bible doesn’t speak of the spirit of Jezebel specifically but in 1 and 2 Kings talks about all the evil things that Jezebel did – coming against God’s prophets, serving Baal & making idols, behaving controlling, seducing, deceitful, walking pridefully, threatening, which describes many in the church today. So those who hear the Holy Spirit understand and can see in the spirit how many people behave in those similar ways today. Then people who get delivered from it change and testify how it negatively affected them. Revelation 2:18-23 says we are not to tolerate people teaching others in the church like Jezebel
  • In Job 41 the Bible says Leviathan is a monster from the sea and doesn’t affect people. In reality those who get delivered from Leviathan all express having similar symptoms of being affected by it with back & head aches, confusion in their mind, memory issues, insomnia and changing from pride to humility. I’ve seen thousands get delivered in my ministry and they lose their pride and walk in humility and see healings in their bodies. 
  • They will say you can’t get divorced if your spouse is abusing you because it’s not in the Bible and God hates divorce. When if you read all of Malachi 2:14-16 it talks 3 times about how God is not pleased with the man who deals treacherously with the wife of his youth – which leads to violence and then divorce. Common sense tells you if anyone is emotionally abusive or worse that they are not treating you as Jesus would expect. If people get healed of their soul wounds, forgive, repent and command demons out then they would not treat their spouse in abusive ways. But the abusers have a freewill to obey the Lord or not. They must want to be honest and want to be delivered. If their abusive spouse refuses to change then the Lord will confirm with you that you must choose to either serve the demons in your abusive spouse or Jesus. 

The Lord looks upon our hearts and if we have evil intentions or good. The modern day Pharisees of today have religious demonic spirits of which cause them to act religiously, piously, pridefully and they have no love in their hearts for people – just like the Pharisees of Jesus’ days. They are not able to listen to the Holy Spirit clearly as their demons control them. 

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