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Triggering means you overreact to something that is really not that significant but you really feel that it is.  Maybe you explode on your spouse if they make a minor decision to do something that you don’t agree with because you feel like they are controlling you which you actually were controlled by a father or mother growing up and couldn’t make your own decisions. Maybe you feel like you can’t trust your spouse and go off on them multiple times a month even though they have never done anything to cause you to feel like you can’t trust them but when you were a teenager your boyfriend or girlfriend cheated on you and you never could forgive them. 

It’s because when you were a child you were hurt and felt like you couldn’t trust, felt unprotected, were controlled, felt angry, hurt, bitter, rage, jealous, rejected, betrayed, etc and then when something today feels like the same thing to you then you will trigger on the person who is causing you to feel the same way. You may hear voices in your head or feel it inside. You trigger on your spouse, children, parents, siblings, work colleagues, friends, strangers, church people, etc. You will literally feel the same pain today that you felt as a child and overreact. Raise your voice, scream, yell, rage or go into the silent treatment for hours, days and even longer. 

So how do you change and stop triggering? How do you get your past soul wounds healed? Ask Jesus to show you all those who hurt you so you can see how they were hurt by their fathers, mothers, sexually molested, shown porn, hurt by cousins and relatives, teachers, church people, etc and then Jesus will show you how each one got hurt and couldn’t forgive. Then say “I choose to forgive x for hurting me causing me to feel hurt, angry, unworthy, rejected, betrayed, etc” and then give all those wounds to Jesus to heal. Then command every demon that attached to your soul to go to the pit in Jesus name. Then you will not trigger again when a person does or says something that used to cause you to trigger. You will be at peace. 

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