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Women who are physically attractive are hated  by other women who are jealous of them and lusted after by men until the men’s advances are rejected and then are also hated on by men. Sadly there is a very real curse that most women endure when they are beautiful. 

Many women get dirty looks by other jealous insecure women in public, at the workplace, church, the gym, grocery store and can feel the hatred for them for no reason. They feel ostracized, lied & gossiped about. These beautiful women are especially hated if they have a godly heart as the demons in others can’t stand them and want them to be destroyed. Lucifer used to be beautiful as the leader of worship in heaven but was jealous of God so was kicked out of heaven and is evil and leads other demons to come against those who desire to be godly so those influenced by demons especially hate beautiful women who love God. 

In 2 Samuel 13 – David’s son Amnon lusted after his beautiful half sister Tamar and ultimately raped her. Then he hated her and sent her away desolate and disgraced for the rest of her life. Abraham was afraid his beautiful wife Sarah could cause him to be killed by kings who found her beautiful when they traveled through territories so said she was his sister (she was actually his half sister). God ultimately warned the kings not to touch her and they continued their travels. Joseph was born to Jacob and Rachel, who the Bible said was beautiful, and Joseph’s half brothers were born through Leah who the Bible said was not beautiful – so Leah’s 6 sons hated him as they were jealous and plotted to kill him but ultimately sold him to be a slave. 

Many women who are not in shape are afraid to eat healthier and workout because the extra weight on their bodies protects them from being attractive to lustful men and hated on by women. If they get in shape they will have more women be jealous of them and more men lust after them. It’s a protective mechanism. 

So how does a beautiful woman handle the hatred, jealousy and rejection? By understanding that people who are healed and delivered from demons will accept and treat them as they should but 95% of people have never been healed from their childhood wounds and are affected by demons so sadly cannot be expected to be treated as they should. So you need to forgive them (which doesn’t mean keeping a close relationship with them and many need to be blocked from your life if possible) and receive your love, acceptance and approval from Jesus. God looks upon our hearts and loves us no matter what we look like in the physical. 

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