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Narcissists are professional grade actors and actresses and lie all the time even about things they don’t need to lie about that are insignificant. Their behavior is very secretive as they love the feeling that they know things that others are not aware of as it causes them to feel like they have one up on others. Like a secret agent…007.  They have a very dark side of them that is evil, sinful and sexually perverse and they love to act like they are good or godly so people will praise and respect them. 

They hear demons telling them to do and say things causing them to believe they are the perpetual victim in relationships and they are justified in taking advantage of others. The demons will give them false narratives to repeat over and over again to get others to believe it to be the truth because when someone states something most people will tend to believe it to be true. So when the Narcissist repeats their false narrative again and again those who listen to them will believe what they say is the truth. Narcissists also believe their own lies to be the truth because of the voices they hear in their heads reassuring them it is the truth. Their demons convince them that the false narrative they hear in their minds is the truth. It makes them feel good. They have given their minds over to demons. They hear over 12,000 thoughts a day. 

The demons will cause them to vilify people who are good and godly. They will give them extremely hurtful things to spread as gossip and rumors to destroy a person’s reputation and cause them extreme emotional trauma. 

For example:

People who are narcissistic will accuse those who they are abusing and controlling of being evil and act like they are the real victim when in reality the Narcissist is the true evil and abusive one. They project their evil onto others but convince themselves that they are innocent. They will always act like they were a victim instead of the truth that they are the abuser. It’s because they were a victim when they were growing up as they were emotionally, physically or sexually hurt by a parent, step parent or someone else. So they have been hearing demons speaking to them in their minds ever since. So they can lie better than the true victim can tell the truth about the abuser, often because the victim has been conditioned to cover for them and protect them and keep the abuse quiet so it feels strange to speak the truth of the abuse. 

The narcissist will declare that they are loving, kind, good and patient over and over to someone they are wanting to date or marry when in reality they are selfish, vicious and evil.

Narcissists (who are actually operating in the spirit of Jezebel) will tell everyone that they only struggle with the Ahab spirit so people won’t think they could actually have the Jezebel spirit along with a lot of pride. 

They will act in a false humility. They lie better than others can tell the truth. Lying is natural to them because they have been hearing their demons speak to them since a child. 

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