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Freedom Night @ Journey U – Houston, TX

Date(s) - Friday, January 18 2019
07:00 PM CST - 09:00 PM CST

Journey U


Nelson Schuman of Restored to Freedom will be releasing an anointing of freedom from past father/mother wounds, sexual violations and generational curses. Lives will be changed :
– fear / anxiety / anger / jealousy replaced with peace, joy and love
– unhealthy tendencies / addictions broken
– marriage strife removed and changed to love and unity
– you will feel more pure / righteous in the Lord
– unhealthy pride removed and changed to humbleness
– hear the Lord’s voice more clearly
– flow in a more powerful anointing for prophecy / deliverance
– miraculous healings in the body (Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Lupus, Bipolar, etc)
A freewill offering will be taken and books will be available at a discount.
For more info and local address contact Laura Bradshaw at 281-444-0011

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  • I’m under attack. Demonic oppression. I see spirits in my home. I hear them and can feel them. My third eye was opened a yr ago. I didn’t know what I was doing. I repented and it was closed in a deluverence. Can you help me?

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