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Date/Time Event
Sunday, January 31 2021
09:00 PM EST - 10:00 PM EST
Worldwide Deliverance Session on YouTube LIVE 9 pm EDT / 6 pm PDT
YouTube LIVE, Carmel Indiana
Saturday, February 6 2021
01:00 PM EST - 05:00 PM EST
Deliverance Training / Equipping in Greenville, SC
Faith Family Church, Greenville SC


Many people in the church want to receive the strongest anointing from the Lord and have the most prominent positions as possible, but if they realized the cost it took to receive it would usually say no.   I never had a desire to do anything in ministry ever in my life.  My goal was to make as much money as possible, travel the world, enjoy a good life for myself, and die.  If I could influence a few people to come to Christ along the way then great.  Then one week I was invited to attend a Morris Cerullo conference in Nashville, TN in January 2009. I was prophesied over by three different evangelists and pastors my first time ever.  All three said that I would lead a ministry that would help people around the world to change their lives from messes and misery to peace and joy.  That I would flow in the gifts of prophecy, healing and deliverance.  I watched that week as Morris spoke and had other ministry people including Benny Hinn, Reinhard Bohnke, Myles Munroe,  Steve Munsey,  Kenneth Copeland, John Hagee, Mike Murdock amongst others.  It all looked amazing to me as the Lord began to…


The state of the world right now is confusion, anger, fear, twisted truth, lying, deceit, and sexual perversion amongst others.  It is a mess.  The state of the church is much in the same position as the world as so many have tolerated sin and looked the other way.  Of course Satan will attack those in the church as much as he can in order to cause those who are truly of the Lord to be attacked by his people who are not godly but try to act it and then accuse God’s people of things that are false as all it takes is to get people to believe one lie to get them to believe a person is bad instead of good.  The spirits of Jezebel, Leviathan and Ahab are three higher ranking demons that cause much of this mess.  They are all at work together in the lives of most people in the world to keep the church ineffective, ruin most marriages and cause individual lives to be tormented every day. When people go to the doctor to try to get healed of a pain they must be honest with where the pain is located, what the symptoms…


Throughout the Bible scripture tells us that God looks at our hearts and minds to prove out what type of person that we are – good or bad.  It doesn’t matter how beautiful or handsome a person appears to be on the outside – if they have a wicked heart and deviant mind – then their fruit will stink and they will cause you great pain being in a relationship with them.  How many times have you seen it when a woman “falls in love” with a man who can buy them anything – yet they are abused by them and the relationship ends quickly?  How many times does a man “fall in love” with a beautiful woman yet after marriage she is controlling and manipulating him and cannot stop verbally abusing him and then the relationship ends?  Most marriages are between one person who controls, manipulates and demands their own way from their mate who gives in to their every demand and receives consistent verbal abuse.  The relationship that Jezebel had with Ahab lives on today due to how people grew up with their own parents and how many emotional, physical or sexual wounds they received.  When people get…


It has been amazing to watch in 2020 as the increase in demand around the world from people who are flocking to inner healing and deliverance ministries are looking for results that the mental health and counseling community rarely sees.  People are desperate for peace. Simply put – you cannot behaviorally improve your life by trying harder without going through the process of inner healing and deliverance.  Until you are able to address and stop all the negative thoughts that come from demons in your mind (50-60,000 thoughts a day of which 80% are negative and 95% repetitive from the day before according to a National Science Foundation study in 2005) you will be tormented and never have peace.   No matter how many times your pastor / counselor or therapist tells you to think positively and be at peace – if your demons have legal rights to torment your mind with their voices through unforgiveness of people who have hurt you in your past, behaving pridefully and rehashing all the bad things that have ever happened to you - then you will never experience peace.  Medicine and counseling from a non-spiritual perspective cannot cure a spiritual demonic issue. The most…


Most people struggle in their Christian walks due to remembering all the bad things that ever happened to them because they have not completely forgiven those people who hurt them from their hearts.  They hear up to 50-60,000 thoughts each day of which 80% of the thoughts are negative (demonic) and 95% are repetitive from the day before according to a 2005 study by the National Science Foundation.  When you ask Jesus to show you why people hurt you from his viewpoint then you can see that they were also hurt when they grew up which caused them to hear demonic thoughts and behave in ungodly ways to hurt you.  Then you can more easily forgive them from your heart which then takes away the legal rights for the demons to torment your thoughts and then you can command them to go to the pit and you will have more peace in your life and have more fruit of the spirit which is aligned with Christ. Then you will receive blessings and favor from the Lord, laugh more, not take offense and overcome the obstacles in your way.  You can see more clearly spiritually.  The song “I can see clearly…


I hear from thousands of people each year who have struggled through being emotionally, physically or sexually abused in their relationships, often times for much of their lives (marriages, fathers and mothers, step fathers, church leadership and those who attend, friends, etc.).  Most people who attend church who have been married have been preached to that God hates divorce and so feel like they must stay in a toxic, abusive relationships until death do they part.  Of course God hates divorce – but He also hates abuse which causes the victims to feel sick to their stomachs and often receive diseases and a slow death due to the unhealthy control, feel scared of their spouse and have to walk on egg shells every day while submitting to the demons in their spouse, parents or others.  Does God actually want you to stay submitted to a person whose demons are manifesting on you every day, verbally and emotionally abusing you for hours every day, causing you to feel worthless at best and suicidal at worst, dying slowly inside your body, soul and spirit every day and unable to do anything for the Lord?  Absolutely not.  And abuse does not have to…


Why do most people who attend church and call themselves Christians not walk daily in the fruit of the Spirit?  Because they were wounded by people and the enemy when they grew up and now hear thousands of thoughts every day from demons.  Hurting people hurt people because they are tormented by negative thoughts every day from demons that have legal rights to harass them because people have not truly forgiven those who hurt them from their hearts.  They still have unforgiveness in their hearts along with anger and bitterness as the demons keep whispering thoughts to them to remind them of all the bad things that were done and cause them to be angry, jealous, hatred, have impure sexual behavior, etc.  Their soul wounds have not yet been healed by Jesus so they are unable to truly behave like a godly and pure Christian. There are millions who attend church, teach, pastor and lead churches who have not had their soul wounds healed so they behave in their flesh like it describes in Galatians 5:19-21 and Paul states that they will not inherit the kingdom of God. Galatians 5:16-26 NKJV Walking in the Spirit 16 I say then: Walk in the…


How many negative thoughts do you have each day?  Thoughts that cause you to have fear.  To think a lustful, impure sexual thought?  To have thoughts of anger, jealousy, betrayal, rejection, have bitterness, pride, lying…all these are demonic and when you hear a couple thousand of these every day – it will be impossible for you to have godly fruit in your life.  Fruit like love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control.  So many people who attend church struggle every day to try to be good yet failing due to being inundated with negative thoughts from demons and then agreeing with those thoughts.   This is the true invisible enemy that is a worldwide pandemic that has been going on for centuries. People who get wounded in their lives from their mother, father, siblings, relatives, friends or enemies will hear demonic thoughts in their minds.  Their souls have been wounded.  Souls are comprised of their mind (thoughts), wills (free wills to choose) and emotions (anger, joy, selfishness, selflessness, jealousy, etc).  The National Science Foundation did a study in 2005 and found that some people have up to 50-60,000 thoughts a day of which 80% of their thoughts are…


FORGIVENESS, HUMILITY & REPENTANCE ALIGNS YOUR HEART WITH JESUS When people get hurt growing up from their mother or father, step parents, relatives, siblings, strangers through emotional wounds, sexual violations including viewing pornography, sexual experimentation, molesting and rapes, they begin to have thoughts that remind them of all the pains which often develop into anger and bitterness due to the unforgiveness.   Demons speak into our thoughts often thousands of times a day to remind us of all the injustices and will distort the truth in our minds so that we develop hatred in our hearts for those who we perceive hurt us.  Then we can develop a desire to hurt those who we view as our enemies in order to take vengeance upon them.  Pride also causes us not to see the evil that we do nor take responsibility for it and then blame others.  Thus many have evil intentions in our hearts and minds which result in behaving in the flesh instead of having any fruit of the spirit. If people are not taken through a process to get their soul wounds healed from the past and then commanding the demons to go that have legal rights to torment…


Over the past few months I have been inundated with an increase of desire from people around the world who are desperately pursuing deliverance.  Historically when people reached out to me I would see many who were hurt deeply from their mother or father, step parents and others as well as from being exposed to sexual things (porn, molested by their siblings, adults, etc.) and were affected significantly enough that it would greatly impact their ability to maintain a high paying job or influential positions as you can imagine.  But lately I have had many who would be considered to be highly educated professionals and influential people from wealthier careers and positions who have become aware of deliverance and the need for it in their own lives.   Entrepreneurs, psychologists, presidents of companies, founders and owners of businesses, judges, law enforcement, political figures, Hollywood actors and actresses, professional athletes, chiropractors, medical doctors, pilots, sales executives and others are now pursuing deliverance for themselves as the message is resonating within them for the desire for true peace in their lives and the lives of their loved ones.  Then after deliverance they are able to make a huge impact on their friends and…

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