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When we grow up we will receive various wounds to our soul (our mind, will and emotions) from people such as our father, mother, step parents, grand-parents, relatives, siblings, neighbors, church people, law enforcement, etc.  We all receive wounds as some get hurt in smaller ways (negative words, ungodly behaviors, pornography, incest, etc.) and some in much larger ways (sexually molested or raped, physical abuse, being yelled or screamed at).  When we get wounded we will then have thoughts of our own but also thoughts from demons who will chime in to make sure you have some anger and bitterness develop towards those who hurt you.  The demons know that when you have bitterness develop that they will have legal rights to speak to you and then hurt you and cause you to have all kinds of issues with your relationships (spouse and children and others) and physical issues in your body (sickness and diseases).  Demons will tempt you to sin so you will get hurt more and develop various addictions (alcohol, drugs, smoking, sex, etc) and then make decisions that are to your detriment.  Pride will also have legal rights to enter you (the spirit of Leviathan in Job…

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