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When God anoints you, expect to defeat Jezebel

The spirit of Jezebel is alive and plentiful in today’s world.  People who operate in the spirit of Jezebel have the following behavioral traits; Controlling and manipulative Jealous and demanding Selfish and sexually impure Lie to get your way and to control other people and hurt them Desire to shut down the true Holy Spirit Anxious & Fearful (you hear the enemy and are controlled to do what he says or else) Intimidating and dominant Love to provoke people to anger Hear constant chatter from the enemy in your mind and thoughts Desire for power and leadership and ultimately to shut down good ministries who are operating in the Lord Very prideful & twisting the truth (which comes from the spirit of Leviathan) Many people who are in ministry today are operating to some degree in the spirit of Jezebel unless they have gone through deliverance and truly forgiven all who have hurt them in their lives and repented for their pride and sins so their fruit smells good and is Christlike. People with the spirit of Jezebel desire to latch onto people who have the spirit of Ahab who have high positions in ministries / churches or are successful in…

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