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The world is waking up to realizing how real the Jezebel spirit truly is

There is a very positive momentum that we are witnessing take place around the world concerning the Jezebel spirit.  Each week more and more are learning about how the Jezebel spirit has been affecting their lives, marriages and churches / ministries.  Wherever people have a strong desire to unhealthily control another person, to manipulate them in order to get their own way, there is usually a spirit of Jezebel that is whispering to them causing them to behave that way.  Invariably the person with the Jezebel spirit is controlling a person who is more loving, calm and easy to control. All the person has to do who has Jezebel is to raise their voice, become angry or rage, and everyone will do what they want.  But then they will never have peace in their lives and few close friends because of it. We are seeing more and more people around the world who are becoming aware of why their spouse controls them so much.  Why their spouse whispers lies behind their back in order to get other people to have a negative view of them so that they can look good.  People are finally having to deal with the 800…

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