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Let’s face it – there are more people wearing spiritual (and physical) masks today than ever before.  So many people who attend church regularly, teach, prophesy, pastor, lead worship, and are in ministry act like they are the most godly, loving, compassionate and holy people in the world yet they behave in ways behind closed doors that are totally ungodly and God would have to say “I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness (sin)!”  I get calls and emails every week from pastors or pastor's wives and others who would call themselves Christians asking me to help them because their wife or husband emotionally abused them for years and worse and they just cannot take it anymore. It is so hard to know who is legitimately a godly man or woman and who is involved in more sin than ever because of how good people are at acting nice. Its called being a fake Christian and there are millions around the world who attend church regularly. The enemy knows his time is getting shorter and has been infiltrating God’s church for many, many years.  Satan is gearing up for the final war against God’s remnant and…

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