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Many people want to only think of God as an all loving, look the other way on people’s sins and consequences for people’s actions, who tolerates those who abuse others emotionally while giving us hyper grace to get into heaven after we have died instead of holding us accountable for our behavior and lack of fruits of the spirit, and looking at the intentions of our hearts and minds.  But God is a God of justice and He knows the truth about all of us.  He knows how we treat our spouse and children and other people and it all matters.  He knows if we are emotionally, verbally, physically or sexually abusive or perverse.  And the Bible says he hates abuse, perversity, lying, and doing evil.  There are many people who abuse their spouse their entire marriage and unfortunately use the religious people in the church to protect them by shouting the “God hates divorce” scripture in order to keep them in their abusive marriage while ignoring the scriptures about their own abuse of their spouse which causes many to reluctantly desire to leave them so they can actually live and not die a slow pre-mature death.   Proverbs 6:12-19…

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