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THE DANGEROUS KUNDALINI SPIRIT (THE COUNTERFEIT HOLY SPIRIT) There are many American Holy Spirit-filled charismatic churches who have people attending them who are operating under the Kundalini spirit which is also known as the counterfeit Holy Spirit. The Kundalini spirit gains legal rights to come upon a person when they do Yoga, occultic mysticism or attend churches where people under the influence of it pray for you and put their hands on you which allows them to transfer their Kundalini spirit into you. It especially appeals to those who have a strong desire to appear more godly, Holy and gifted than others. Those who have a prophetic gifting, who call themselves a prophet or flows in the prophetic or want people to believe they can deliver people from demons better than others but instead have so many demons themselves that they can’t deliver anyone yet give people more demons and confusion and operate in witchcraft. Kundalini is a spiritual serpent that attaches to the base of your spine and then begins to work its way up your back to your neck and the base of your skull manifesting in your head jerking back and forth, having tremors in your body,…

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