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Truth be told – if everyone was truly honest – they would tell you that they just really want to be loved by someone without condition.  The challenge in life is finding someone who is able to do just that.  So many people have been hurt by their father or mother (or step parent or have had sexual violations) and have not had their past soul wounds healed and demons delivered from tormenting their thoughts so will trigger on their loved ones constantly as they are not able to love unconditionally.  Usually the more gentle-spirited people end up drawing to those who struggle more with behaving controlling, manipulative and being more harsh and prideful (called the spirit of Jezebel).  So they get used and abused in their relationships and never know what it is like to have peace with someone who actually loves and cares for them. Then those who have more of the effects of the spirit of Jezebel (Narcissist) will blame their own bad behavior (which ruins their own relationships) on their victims and hurt them even deeper and many of their victims never recover.  Their victims loved them as much as anyone could but it is never…

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