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How does the Jezebel spirit torment people?

There are many enemy spirits and some have names that we can identify. What has been harassing a person for years and often times a lifetime since as early as their teens? Why do they behave the way they do?  Why can they not live a peace filled, gentle and loving life?  Why are they unable to enjoy a loving relationship with their spouse and children even after spending months, years or a lifetime in counseling/therapy? It is a spirit that exhibits much control, manipulation and causes a person to easily lie and drives them to dominate more than any other spirit. It especially attacks those that the Lord has a strong calling on and who could become greatly anointed once completely set free from all the oppressing spirits.  Many will become extremely anointed especially that have endured the worst conditions as a child as the enemy wanted to destroy and control, never allowing its victim to become set free and know what has been haunting them for a lifetime. How does this spirit gain entry into a person? Through the years of pain, rejection, control, anger and possible abuse from the person’s father (and sometimes mother) this extreme hurt…

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