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HOW TO DISCERN WITCHES IN THE CHURCH There are over 1.4 million witches who attend church in America every week. They look like you and me so are very hard to discern who is of the Lord and who is of Satan. They want to pray for you, lay their hands on you and know all the correct religious lingo to say. Some astral project into your homes so they can learn intimate details of your life and later tell you that the “Holy Spirit” showed them things about you to then cause you to think they are extremely in tune with the Lord. So how can you tell if someone is of Satan and not the Lord? Church Witch Characteristics: – They act very religious and superior in spirituality and knowledge like they are the only ones who hear unique revelation from God - When they first connect with someone they will act very loving and kind but over time will demand you do what they say and want you to come to them for help and no one else and tell you if you don’t do what they say then you are disobeying, they speak words of condemnation…

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