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What happens to a person when they are sexually molested or assaulted?

What happens when a person is sexually molested, raped or suffers incest?  We all know that people who have experienced this trauma will usually develop a strong sense of fear, lack of trust of people (especially from the same sex that caused the sexual trauma), anger, desire to control other people and sexual desires in their own lives are not pure.  But what happens from the spiritual side that no one can see? At the point that the sexual trauma occurs, the person will have demonic spirits that have a legal right to transfer into them and begin their torment by speaking to them in their head.  The spirit of Jezebel has a right to come into them and will then start speaking to them in their thoughts, causing them to hear their voices telling them that they cannot trust anyone, and to take out their anger on the same sex as the person who molested them (if a boy is molested by another boy then he can also take out his anger on his future wife).  If a girl is molested or raped by a boy or man, she will hear the voices telling her she can never trust…

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