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It is amazing to watch people’s eyes when they have believed something to be true that ultimately turns out not to be true, whether it is from a personal level, community level, state level or world level. They are in shock first, then angry at those who lied to them. It’s like when you are a parent and have believed one of your children over another. You may have taken action to give a negative consequence to the one you thought deserved it. Then later when you learn that your first child lied about their sibling – now you are really upset over the injustice that was done to the true victim. The enemy knows that when he can convince people that a person is bad when they are actually godly and good then that person will usually not be able to do much for God as people will turn away and shun them. The same principle happens when the enemy can convince people of an agenda that sounds good but it actually turns out to be bad for people. Then when the people actually become aware of the truth they get very angry at those who lied to them.…

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