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HOW TO RESPOND TO LIES, TWISTED TRUTHS & FALSE ACCUSATIONS What I have learned is that someone who is doing great things for God will always have those who are operating in the demonic (unhealed from their soul wounds or delivered) who will try to come against them  by trying to impact as many people as possible with spreading lies, rumors, gossip, twisted truths and false accusations against them. It is par for the course for all in the Bible who did great things for God. Remember Joseph whose brothers were jealous of him and sold him to the Egyptians and then he did great things for Potiphar only to have false accusations from his wife come against Joseph and he went to jail for 3 years before finally getting out and moving up to number two in command of all of Egypt.  Daniel was attacked by his fellow governors and satraps who plotted to kill him by creating a law that they knew could entrap him - yet they were ultimately killed by the Lions.  Remember Haman trying to hang Mordecai and other Jews but then he was ultimately hung on his own gallows. The best teacher is always…

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