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THE LORD IS CAUSING SPIRITUAL EARTHQUAKES TO CLEANSE HIS CHURCH The church has been infiltrated by people who have risen to positions of leadership including pastors, prophets, teachers, intercessors, deliverance ministers, worship leaders, security, etc. who have been living fake lives trying to impersonate a Christian when in reality they are living in violation of the Bible. They have been living lives in much sin, sexual impurity, pride, lies, deception, gossip, controlling others, listening to demonic spirits, etc. God has given them much time to repent but they have refused and continue to live in their evilness, sexual impurity, corruption and sin, hurting people worse who were already wounded. So the Lord has been forced to expose their pride, sin and lies and is now separating many in His church who have wanted to live a godly life away from those who are still living in sin. God is causing people to leave unhealthy churches whose leadership is leading people to stay in their sin with their hyper-grace messages. God is shutting down many churches (churches are closing in record numbers) whose leadership compromised their own lives and turned a blind eye to others living in sin, emotionally abused their…

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