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Who Do You Trust More – Yourself or God?

When you grew up as a child were you raised by two loving parents who protected you from those in the world who wanted to hurt you?  Did you feel loved unconditionally? Were you spoken to gently, encouraged, and cared for in ways that made you feel safe? Or were you hurt by a parent, step-parent or sexually violated causing you to feel like you could not trust those in authority over you?  For most people in the world the trust that developed in them with their parents was shaken as the enemy caused their parents or others to harm them through words, actions and trauma which caused them to not feel safe or protected. When a child grows up not being able to trust their own parents who were supposed to protect and love them without conditions - their ability to trust God is impacted dramatically.  They have thoughts in their minds telling them that they cannot trust their mom or dad.  That they are not loved.  That they cannot trust anyone because if their parents let them down, how can anyone else be trusted to protect and love them. The enemy tells them lies that they buy into…

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