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Most people who call themselves a Christian live a life that is not the same as God’s expectations. Most feel that they should attend church once a week, read their Bible a couple times a year, give some money to the church, and do some service projects or outreach programs a couples times a year.  All the while still not living a sexually pure life, watching movies or listening to music that would grieve the Holy Spirit, treating their spouse and kids harshly, lying or tolerating sin in their lives, walking in pride every day.  Others may feel like they should become a teacher at their church or lead a small group, take a mission trip and serve a couple times a month at their homeless shelter, food bank, witness on the streets, pray over people at the mall and in the marketplace, fast a couple times a year, pray in tongues and prophesy.  Surely those who pray in tongues, prophesy, do deliverance and many miracles are on their way to heaven, or… maybe not? Is God impressed with our works and spiritual gifts?  Even the Pharisees and scribes were sharply scolded by Jesus and they did a lot of…

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