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Do not be duped into a relationship with someone who has the Jezebel spirit

There are billions of people in the world who are operating in secret out of the spirit of Jezebel who are trying to lure other people into relationship with them.  In my ministry I have met thousands of people around the world who have been duped into relationships and tormented marriages with people who have the Jezebel spirit.  I personally have extensive experience with this.  What happens is that people who have the Jezebel spirit will be very charismatic and often times physically attractive, yet very cunning and deceiving and will behave so loving and debonair initially in order to draw you in.  Then once they feel they have you, the real demonic spirit of Jezebel will take over and their true colors will be revealed. They will dominate you with their selfish, controlling and manipulative behavior.  They also have a selfish sexual side that wants you to give them what they want, when they want it – or else they either get angry with you or will not give you sex in order to make you do whatever they want.

People who operate in the Jezebel spirit would be diagnosed by the psychological community as narcissistic and pathological liars as they are so good at acting loving and sweet in front of the stage (church, ministry, other prominent people) while behind closed doors spewing horrible words of venom to their spouses (and others in life who don’t give them exactly what they want).  They can even become what would be considered emotionally abusive and in some of the more extreme cases – physically and sexually abusive.

I have so many women and men who have had their hearts broken by their spouses whom they loved for years.  There is nothing like the pain from a spouse whom you love, who literally says and does horrible things to you. The Jezebel spirit (and accompanying Leviathan spirit) are the #1 reason for divorce in the world.  Leviathan causes people to be prideful and twist the truth (also causes physical pains in the body like back and neck pain, even Fibromyalgia, cancer, insomnia, falling asleep when reading the Bible or listening to the Word preached, headaches, etc).

Many people who have the gift of tongues and prophecy also have the Jezebel and Leviathan spirits who control them and cause them to control their spouses (and others in the church and ministries around the world).  How is that possible you ask?  Because until the person admits the truth that they have been behaving horribly behind closed doors, and no longer wants to live a lie, then the spirit of Jezebel and Leviathan will stay on them.

So how do you protect yourself from marrying someone who has the Jezebel spirit?  Look for the signs prior to saying “I do.”  What are the signs?

  • They grew up in a painful relationship with their father (or mother)
  • They are anxious
  • They are insecure in themselves (yet try to compensate for it by appearing to look secure and confident)
  • They want their own way most of the time
  • If you do not give them what they want they can lose it verbally with you
  • They are usually a type A personality who is used to getting what they want
  • You see red flags but often try to dismiss it
  • They lie although can be hard to perceive unless you have dated them for almost a year or longer as they can wear a mask to cover up their bad traits for a time until they think they have you

How do people receive the spirits of Jezebel and Leviathan?  Primarily through living a life of pain with a father who they feel rejected and unloved by when they grew up.  They can also received the spirits if they had a mother who controlled and abused them at a very strong level.  When you grow up, you hear the voice of the enemy who whispers to you that you cannot trust your father (and / or mother) so you are driven by that voice of the enemy.  You are told you cannot trust anyone, so you become very controlling of others out of that fear.

So if you are in a marriage with someone who is operating in the Jezebel spirit, what to you do?  You need to first protect yourself. If they are throwing knives, glasses, screaming at you, chasing or tackling you, then you should separate from them for your own personal safety.  If they are abusing you verbally then pray for direction as to if you continue to live with them or separate.  Most victims have been controlled so long by Jezebel in their spouse that they are afraid to walk away.  That is exactly what Jezebel wants to do, is to speak words of domination, intimidation and fear to their victims.  Then when they decide to leave, their spouse may laugh at them and berate them.  If you stand up for yourself and say no more, they may even scream at you to intimidate you so they can continue to have control.  If you say no more to their sexual demands and they cannot control you anymore, then they may leave you or file for divorce because Jezebel has no use for those they cannot control.

Relationships around the world are in so much pain and torment because people have been walking around with those spirits and don’t even know it.  Even those who are currently in ministries can be affected by it and treat their hapless spouses with such contempt and horrible hurtful words.  It is time to be honest and for people who have those spirits to look themselves in the mirror and say “I repent Heavenly Father for operating in the spirits of Jezebel and Leviathan and want nothing more to do with those spirits” and command them to be gone once and for all.  Secrecy causes those spirits to live.  Being honest and exposing the truth will break the power of the spirits so the person can live in freedom.

So it is time to be honest and pure before the Lord.  If you don’t get set free then you may be put on a sickbed by the Lord and die.  I know of a woman in New Zealand who denied she had the spirit in front of  her family that came to confront her about her behavior.  She took 2 steps to walk out of the room… and died.  Revelation Ch 2: 21-23  “21 And I gave her time to repent of her sexual immorality, and she did not repent. 22 Indeed I will cast her into a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her into great tribulation, unless they repent of their deeds. 23 I will kill her children with death, and all the churches shall know that I am He who searches the minds and hearts. And I will give to each one of you according to your works.”

So you may be able to fool some of the people for a short time, but over time your sins will find you out as the Lord reveals the truth to others.  So just be honest sooner than later.  It is time.



7 Replies to “Do not be duped into a relationship with someone who has the Jezebel spirit”

  • Bless your truth spoken here, AMEN!!! IT IS TIME!!! …I have been dealing with these spirits in my husband as well for far too long, and every counsellor we went to we didn’t go back to get the proper healing bc of him not wanting to or him not being honest and saying only what he thought should be spoken to look good…I have confronted the spirits when he has verbally abused me, though sometimes he has sunken low in his chair knowing he did wrong, and I stand against him every time, I plead the Blood of Christ over myself each and every day…though I can see for a while now that bc I am standing my ground and telling him that I know his tactics and I won’t receive them anymore, that I am not liked so much and he can’t pull me into his traps anymore…its not fun for him…I have been seeking affair recovery and everything they say how to not go about healing (is exactly what he has been doing) and I knew the red flags were going off long ago and things didn’t make sense to me as to why he never really repented, or no real compassion for me, or never wanting to heal himself, only wanting me to come back from counselling healed and we could just continue on our merry little way of marriage, pretending like nothing happened… But I was in shock and scared to leave…well I’m fighting the good fight now….God is on my side and giving me direction of what to do and do it smartly…and I continually pray for healing and God’s path to follow In Jesus Mighty Name AMEN

  • Hi, I’m also dealing with a jezebel spirit that my ex is having and I need direction on what to or how to do what I’m planning. I’ve been with him for 8 years,have three kids with him, he works at sea. My life has been hell since I met him,was cheating alot,lie all through,emotionally abusive, spiritually draining, I tried to take my life twice, I’m always sick in and out of hospital,came many times near death, nobody believed anything I told them,he turned my whole family against me told them I’m not wel in the head, he turned against me when I started seeking help and told people the things he does and something demonic is wrong with me. A mask started manifesting on his face ,i’m sure by that time he was ready to kill me coz he doesn’t want me to expose him. The thing is I see things in dreams before it happens and he knows that, he tried to convince me for years that I’m seeing fall’s things, everything I dreamed would come true,even about him, I know before I get pregnant the sex of the baby,death of people,his secrets ect. He left me for another woman while I was pregnant just after I involved a prophet, that man was the first out of every pastor or anyone who saw few things in the spirit even the demonic mask I see. I’ve been staying with him in the same house while we r not together for 2 years now,he tell me I must stay with the kids. He was supposed to leave but still here, he thinks I stayed because he said so or I wont just leave coz I’m dependent on him. I’m praying for him to repent,I asked him many times to repent coz every time I plan to leave God shows me bad things about him in dreams, his mother’s death, his sister’s death, God wanting to punish him for everything he is doing to me, a woman in a snake form trying to kill him, different woman with witchcraft,police looking for him, HIV, last months dream was him trying to kill himself and I saved him in the dream, in every dream I save him. I’m planning on leaving in December with my kids to another town and cut him completely off, I’m a born again and want to leave a righteous life. He is holding me back, I do love him and tried my best to help him but he does not want to admit he has a problem. I had some dreams of him being involved in witchcraft and kingdom of darkness,I do get attacked by demons. This 10 years has been very demonic and I’m tired of helping him. I’ve decided I will leave one school is finished for this year. I’m planning everything in silence coz I know if he finds out I will have spiritual attacks. I’m thinking of telling him he has jezebel spirit but I think he already knows he has evil spirits. I want to hear from someone else’s side what steps to take

  • I have been married for 38 years and just woke up 6 months ago…my wife is a covert narsicist/ Jezebel me a + 5 coodependent/empath and got born again 6 months after getting married..I did something terrible to my wife 1 year before marriage, we married after 2 years of dating …something came over me at a party …was drinking not heavy but I started to get angry because when she drank she would act very seductive…with other men, I would get jealous she also like to refer to “large men” she had been with ..this made me feel inadequate..I kinda snapped and started hit her and saying things that I cant remember a “angel “stepped in and saved her from me ..thank God cus I dont know what could have happen …it crushed me the next day she let me apologize and I.cryed for days ..how could i do this..was this Jezebel trying to kill her and me ..got married and it was a nightmare cycle of love bombing, devalue disguard…over and over at one point in our 38 years she would not sleep with me for 10 years disguarded but still living in same house that’s when I woke up …my to daughters begged me for years to get away from her..they would cry and say I deserve someone who truly loves me ,this broke me and I started looking. at covert narsicist/Jezebel spirit..she has all symptons of this spirit ,she never cheated which is surprising cus I have been sick and disabled since 1988 now I do believe this spirit is killing me…i believe she never cheated because I was such a perfect supply s +5 coodependent/ empath and she did not want to
    lose that supply.. and has tried to kill me…all the things I loved were put down …I was a worship leader..now I dont even play, I told her I would leave if she did not be part of soultion …praying and reading Gods word…no more put downs..she did agree and she prayed to accept jesus ..been doing this for 4 months ..but when I tried to pray out the spirit of Jezebel she started raging at me…I may have to leave because this spirit is still tormenting me ..she says I’m crazy this has been a trip

  • My mother married my father. She killed him and two of his First born sons (my two step brothers) from his previous marriages. I am the last and the only first born alive from my father. My mother keeps warning me that I am not going anywhere with my life. She has placed witchcraft to block me in all I do. When I manage to break free in Jesus name, I find myself tricked through some demonic game to be caged again into the nothingness spell. Because my surname is Mabuya (meaning come back). It is like a never ending cycle.

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