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Many have had to separate themselves from people who were Narcissistic and had the Jezebel spirit because they realized they were feeling like they were slowly dying. They no longer had life, felt sick frequently, felt hopeless, depressed, alone, even suicidal and some got diseases.  So once the Lord confirmed to them that they needed to get away from their abuser because the abuser would not change – the abuser told them that they would never make it without them. 

For some it took a few months to recover from the abuser – many more it took longer to recover because they were under the abuse for many more years – but now the peace that you walk in feels amazing.  You learned to forgive your abuser from your heart and given all your emotional hurts and pain to Jesus and He healed you. You received a Doctorate degree from the Lord in the fruit of the spirit known as long suffering! Your health has improved greatly, your hair is now healthy, you are physically, emotionally and spiritually stronger than ever before, and now you are helping others to learn how to get freed from those who are controlling, manipulative and emotionally abusive and then how to forgive to get healed. You are now thriving! 

New doors have opened, new connections, new financial increase and blessings. New spouses sent by God this time.  New ministries that are helping others. Your experience has qualified you and the Lord has anointed you. You are writing and speaking and teaching and are being elevated by the Lord. Those who gave you up for dead are amazed to see the Lord promote you. Just like when Haman thought his plan to kill the Jews was discovered by Mordecai and exposed by Esther to the king. Suddenly Haman was hung and Mordecai was given his palatial estate and placed in command. 

The Lord uses all our pain for a purpose and that is to help others to get healed from similar pain. We’ve walked in others shoes and now have tremendous insight and compassion for others who are currently struggling. We can give others wise counsel to help them. We are making a difference in the lives of others. 2 Timothy 3:1-9 talks all about those who are Narcissistic and have the Jezebel spirit. 

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