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People who are not delivered from demons will often dominate and control others with the purpose of forcing others to do exactly what they want throughout their lives. If people don’t submit or obey them they will raise their voice or talk on and on or give the silent treatment to them to wear their victims down to get them to obey.  Below are just some of the situations where people dominate others that God hates:

  • Husband dominates his wife
  • Wife dominates her husband
  • Pastor dominates his congregation 
  • Church leaders & teachers dominate attenders
  • Employer dominates their employees
  • Boss dominates his worker
  • Teacher dominates their students 
  • Parents dominate their children
  • Children can also dominate a parent
  • A mentor dominates their studen

When a person is controlled, dominated and manipulated by another person to do what the dominating person wants and not what God would want they are essentially having witchcraft done to them. God gives us all a freewill to obey Him. People can also manipulate another person by producing a love or sexual desire in one person toward another – like a love spell cast upon them. When a husband does not submit their lives to God then they often will dominate their wives. Wives who are not submitted to God will often be defiant of godly husbands. 

A main tool of manipulation is guilt. A mother may say to her son, “If you love me, you’ll run to the store and get me a pack of cigarettes.” The child learns that if he doesn’t respond in the way the mother desires, it will be taken as a sign that he does not love her. Clearly this type of control is destructive to a child.

People who habitually use manipulation or intimidation to control others open themselves to the bondage and influence of a demon of witchcraft. It is called the spirit of Jezebel. If this happens, they will be unable to relate to anyone apart from these tactics. It will be no longer just the flesh at work, but a supernatural demonic power that can bring whomever they control into a condition of spiritual slavery. If you separate from a person who dominates you and you feel better you will know they are unhealthy for you. 

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