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Often times the Lord will send a message through a dream to a person who would be shocked to know of some significant changes that are coming in their life. Some of the changes may be good but many may be hardships for the person to receive and may be a temporary setback. That’s why when the Lord floats a thought or dream to you about something that may be tough for you to receive it is to prepare you to endure the situation when it actually manifests so you aren’t suddenly shocked and given over to fear. It will give you a sense of peace knowing you were aware of it.

Remember the dreams that Joseph had

* Grain dream 
When Joseph was around 17 years old, he dreamed about gathering grain with his brothers in a field. In his dream, Joseph’s bundle of grain was tall, while his brothers’ bundles were bowed down to his. When Joseph told his brothers about the dream, they were angry and jealous with him.
* Sun, moon, and stars dream 
In his second dream, Joseph saw the sun, moon, and 11 stars bowing down to him. This dream symbolized that Joseph would rule over his family, which made his brothers even more angry.
Sometimes dreams should be kept to oneself and not shared with family or anyone. Joseph shared the dreams with his father and brothers and his brothers were angry and jealous of him. Ultimately they wanted to kill him but instead sold him as a slave to an Egyptian. He eventually worked his way up to be in charge of Potiphars estate but Potiphars wife lusted after him and wanted sex. Joseph ran from her but she lied and said he tried to have sex with her. He was imprisoned for 3 years. Things looked horrible for him and he didn’t do anything wrong. It could have caused him to be greatly discouraged and sad and even angry with God for suffering the injustice. But he probably thought of his dreams that the Lord gave him when he was 17 years old to give him hope to endure. Ultimately he interpreted a dream for the Pharaoh about a forthcoming season of drought for 7 years which elevated him into the number 2 position in all of Egypt and he ended up seeing his dream come to pass as his brothers did bow down to him and he rescued them from the drought.

Romans 8:28
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose

So understand the Lord will give you dreams or speak to you to give you an awareness and insight about future seasons in your life that might be unpleasant so you can still trust in Him and make it through those tough situations. We will all go through various trials and tribulations as it stretches our faith and trust in the Lord so we can accomplish even more.

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