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Restored to Freedom Deliverance Training Conference

Date(s) - Saturday, June 10 2017
01:00 PM EDT - 04:00 PM EDT



You will be trained, equipped & certified at how to get people delivered from the Jezebel, Leviathan & Ahab Spirits – changing their lives, saving marriages and allowing ministries and churches to operate more purely and free from enemy interference.  This session will be repeated June 10 from 6-9 pm EDT and June 14 & 15 from 7-9:30 pm for those that cannot attend the earlier session.

A freewill offering will be taken.  Books will also be available for purchase.

Conference is hosted by Nelson Schuman, founder of Restored to Freedom, and is being held at Resting Place, 86 Lackawanna Ave, Suite 243, Woodland Park, NJ

For any questions please contact Juana Wardlaw at 201-543-3247

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