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Worldwide Deliverance Session – Facebook LIVE

Date(s) - Sunday, May 21 2017
09:00 PM EDT - 10:00 PM EDT

Facebook LIVE

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This Free Facebook LIVE Worldwide Deliverance Session is for people who want to break through to the next level in their spiritual walks with the Lord. You will come into a stronger level of hearing the Lord, flow at a higher level in the prophetic / words of knowledge / deliverance and healings gifts. People who have attended these sessions who grew up with father (and mother) wounds have seen major life improvements and reduced strife signficantly in their marriages.
To join: LIKE www.facebook.com/restoredtofreedom and you will be notified on Facebook on May 21 at 9 pm EDT / 6 pm PDT / 1 am U.K. / 3 am South Africa
Those that have struggled with:
– fear & anxiety
– behaving overly controlling
– manipulative to get own way at others expense
– twisting the truth in their minds / behaving deceitfully
– prideful attitudes
– sexually selfish
– insomnia
– falling asleep when reading or listening to the Word
– pain in backs, necks, sometimes Fibromyalgia or cancer
After declaring the powerful deliverance prayers people have experienced miracles, healings, peace, joy, hearing the Lord’s voice very clearly, major breakthroughs
You will break off Generational curses, spirits of Jezebel, Leviathan and Ahab. The deliverance session is FREE but for those that receive breakthroughs who want to donate you can at www.restoredtofreedom.com
Nelson L. Schuman is founder and president of Restored to Freedom in Carmel, IN. He is an author of 6 books, dynamic speaker and teacher, ministering restoration of lives and marriages. He has an extremely strong anointing for deliverance, physical healings, and providing prophetic insightful words from the Lord. He is also the Director of one of the busiest Healing Rooms in the United States at New Life Assembly of God in Noblesville, IN. He helps people gain freedom from the enemy around the world every day.

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