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Below are upcoming dates / locations that RESTORED TO FREEDOM will be near you!
Date/Time Event
Saturday, February 18 2023
07:00 PM CST - 09:00 PM CST
Breakthrough in Houston, TX!!
Courtyard Houston – The Woodlands, The Woodlands TX
Saturday, April 15 2023
02:00 PM CDT - 05:00 PM CDT
Deliverance Training in Merkel, TX
Fountaingate Merkel Church, Merkel TX
Sunday, April 16 2023
10:00 AM CDT - 12:00 PM CDT
Breakthrough in Merkel, TX!!
Fountaingate Merkel Church, Merkel TX
Sunday, April 16 2023
06:00 PM CDT - 08:00 PM CDT
Prophetic Night @ in Merkel, TX
Fountaingate Merkel Church, Merkel TX
Saturday, June 10 2023
07:00 PM CDT - 09:00 PM CDT
Courtyard Dallas, Plano TX


WOUNDED PEOPLE PROVOKE OTHERS TO STEAL THEIR PEACE When we get hurt and wounded growing up and aren’t able to forgive those who hurt us from our hearts then we will trigger on our current relationships. We will overreact, get angry, feel jealous, act like we are the victim, behave in ungodly ways, and then provoke and blame our spouse, children or others closest to us. Demons will give us thoughts to provoke people to cause them not to have peace and in order to get a reaction out of them. People who provoke others want their targeted victims to get angry and respond back in more hostile words or behaviors so they can point their finger at them and blame them instead of taking responsibility for initiating the attack. It allows them to have a level of satisfaction of controlling them to get them to lose control of their emotions and then blame them. The demons within them want the initiator of the attack to never admit that they started the fight and were the aggressor so then they can blame the responder for their reaction and portray themselves as the victim. Many who respond are exasperated because the…


HOW TO OVERCOME SEXUAL LUST Lust is a huge problem in the world. Lust is also a huge problem in the church with church leaders, pastors, spouses and those attending church being addicted to porn, struggling with lust or living a sexually impure lifestyle. 90% of the thousands of people I have taken through healing and deliverance sessions have either been exposed to pornography, been exposed to nudity, touched sexually, experienced incest, molested, or raped prior to age 18. Most of them were currently struggling to live a sexually pure lifestyle when they came to me for a healing and deliverance session. Below are some very disturbing statistics concerning porn: - More than 40 million Americans are regular visitors to porn sites. - The average visit lasts 6 minutes and 29 seconds. - There are around 42 million porn websites, which totals around 370 million pages of porn. - The porn industry’s annual revenue is more than the NFL, NBA and MLB combined. It is also more than the combined revenues of ABC, CBS and NBC. - 47% of families in the United States reported that pornography is a problem in their home. - Pornography use increases the marital infidelity…


DO YOU ALLOW PEOPLE WITH EVIL INTENTIONS TO SPEAK INTO YOUR LIFE? The goal of people with demonic spirits is to control and hurt you and stop you from doing what God wants for you. Some of the people who treat you evil could be your own mother, father, spouse or your in laws. Other people could be more distant relatives, church leaders, teachers, mentors, etc who will start off trying to gain your trust in them so they can slowly speak into your life thinking they have your best interest at heart. Ultimately little by little they want you to do what their demons want and then you will be confused, hurt, and have your life be damaged. Over time you begin to discern that these people are not for you as you learn of their evil intentions. When you begin to pull away from them they will try to maintain contact with you through sending messages to you. Then over time they will try continuing communication through sending you evil and threatening private messages. Phone calls, emails, texts, voice messages, letters, social media messages, etc to cause you to obey their demons. That is why it is so…


MANY OF US HAVE MADE IDOLS BEFORE GOD Most people have some idol that they have made before God but many don’t realize it. Any person or thing that consumes your thoughts, words, time, energy, or money other than God can be an idol. Making an idol before the Lord can give demons legal rights to negatively affect you with sickness, cost you money that you waste on the idols, cause you to be tired and exhausted and allow witches’ curses to land on you and affect you with headaches, sleep paralysis, pain, insomnia, etc. So what could be an example of an idol in your life? - Lust for money - Lust for power or authority - Your job or career - Your image - A person (even your spouse - especially if they have the Jezebel spirit as they want you to do everything they tell you over what God would want for you) can also include your child or family - Your body and clothes that you wear (wanting people to lust after you) - Working out excessively - Excessive desire for Cosmetics or plastic surgery to cause others to worship your beauty - Car - House…


DEMONS TRY TO OPERATE UNDETECTABLY WITHIN YOU The goal of demons is to operate within a person so that they don’t know it. They hurt us by giving us thoughts in our minds to cause us to make decisions that are bad for us. They will tell you things like “You should look at porn because you will feel amazing when you masturbate,” “Look at that woman at the gym - isn’t she hot? I bet she would have sex with you better than your wife,” and if you are driving your car they will say “Drive your car into that tree ahead and all your pain will be over.” If you were hurt by your father they will tell you “All men are mean, selfish and evil and you need to pay them back for the pain your dad gave you!” and “You cannot trust God to protect you.” Demons will suggest that you should eat more food then you should to cause you to feel better, to drink alcohol, to smoke marijuana, to steal money, to gossip, to lie, etc in order to hurt you and others. They are like a puppet master trying to control you covertly…


SIN SEPARATES US FROM GOD Sin is a huge issue with Christians in the church today. Most have little to no conviction for sinning and believe God’s gift of grace allows them to live like the world with no consequences in their daily walk or potentially costing them their salvation when they die. They believe they don’t need to be obedient to what is written in the Bible. More than half of all pastors look at porn every month. Jesus said when a man lusts after a woman in his heart that he has committed adultery with her in Matthew 5:27-28. Sin matters. Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery to “go and sin no more.” Many struggle with lust and sexual sin, while others struggle with pride, controlling others, witchcraft, gossiping, slander, anger, fear, bitterness, jealousy, drunkenness, and evil intentions in their hearts and minds. Even Wikipedia defines “Salvation” as the deliverance of the soul from sin and its consequences. People don’t want to believe that sin could cost them their salvation and that God would actually expect them to live in accordance with the Bible. Sadly most Christians don’t read the Bible for themselves and instead believe…


IF YOU HAVE UNHEALED SOUL WOUNDS YOU WILL MANIFEST When we grow up we all get hurt in a myriad of ways, but some get hurt more than others. We get emotionally hurt from words spoken to us that are mean and harsh or condemning. We also get hurt by actions, and physical and sexual abuse. Many of us get hurt by our own parent, siblings, relatives, neighbors, teachers, pastors, etc. We also get hurt if we are exposed to porn, sexually touched or exposed, molested or raped. Once we have been hurt we have the choice of truly forgiving that person from our hearts like Jesus did and behaving like Christ. Or we can be angry and bitter towards the person who hurt us and not forgive them in our hearts. Forgiveness does not require allowing your abuser to stay in your life. But if we do not forgive a person from our heart then demons will have legal rights to torment our mind with their thoughts causing us to trigger on other people and current relationships. We trigger by getting mad and angry, and overreacting to situations or going quiet for hours or days. Demons play a large…


HOW EFFECTIVE IS YOUR CHURCH’S DELIVERANCE MINISTRY? Not every church who offers deliverance is run by a person who is delivered themselves. Often you will see those who are prideful try to take charge of it. Sometimes you will see people who are into witchcraft who will try to run it and then hurt people more. And often you will see people who don’t understand how deliverance works thinking you have to yell and scream the demons out of people, or thinking they have to vomit to be delivered or trying to override people’s freewills and not addressing the need to get their soul wounds healed and forgiving those who hurt them and repenting for their pride and sin. A true godly deliverance ministry will always have the person in charge of it living a godly lifestyle of sexual purity, fruit of the spirit and have much humility like Christ. If you attend a church whose leadership don’t believe a Christian can be affected by demons and don’t need deliverance you need to run! They are wrong, unbiblical and will lead you away from what Jesus did and allow sin to stay in your life and excuse it instead of…


COMPLAINING GIVES LEGAL RIGHTS TO DEMONS TO ATTACK YOU Demons want you to complain about your negative circumstances as much as possible. They want you to go on and on about how you are suffering and are being abused or have endured pain because it brings joy to them that you are being negatively affected. Remember how much the Israelites complained when they were in the desert instead of having a heart of gratitude that they were no longer slaves? God decided to finally have them all die (except for Joshua and Caleb) in the desert because He was tired of hearing them complain. Have you ever been around a person who complains? It takes the life from you as you normally come down to their level and eventually it wears on you as you have to feel their pain and anguish and you can’t stay positive anymore or encouraging or lift them up. You have to feel horrible with them and languish together in sympathy. You take on the “poor me” attitude that they have. Then the demons are so pleased because now you are on their territory and you are both complaining about how you have been done…


NOT EVERY MARRIAGE WAS ORDAINED BY GOD Think about it.  Most marriages happen when a young man and woman are first physically attracted to one another.  Then they date for a period of time to see if they are compatible with one another.  If one person is very controlling, lies, cheats on them, emotionally abuses or worse, or has no godly fruit while the other person wants to live for God then often times they don’t follow through with the wedding.  Often times one of the parties says they are a Christian, acts nice to them as much as they are able to muster during the dating process but ultimately has no intention in their heart of living a godly lifestyle and simply wants their future spouse to provide for their financial or physical needs, give them sex when they want it,  yet will treat them like a slave with consistent emotional abuse, putting them down with a cutting tongue and possibly worse during the marriage.  Does that sound like a potential marriage ordained by God? Of course not.  Yet millions of marriages are consummated under false pretense. So what happens if you had every intention of serving God in…

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