Holy Spirit Led Counsel

Before each session I seek the Lord’s direction as to what needs to be addressed. During the session (whether in person, over Facebook Messenger Video chat, Skype or over the phone) the Holy Spirit will speak through me to you in order to help you work through any past challenges or trauma that you have experienced in your life and how to gain total freedom from the enemy’s lies.

I have seen numerous marriages that were filled with strife and on the verge of divorce that have met with me and typically after one session have been completely saved and miraculously changed. It has been such a blessing to see people no longer fight or argue with each other and recognize it is the enemy that is the one to blame and not each other. Yes the enemy will affect a person but once that is dealt with properly there will be such a love and peace that will come in that you will be transformed into who you really are in Christ. I will teach you how to better discern spirits that try to hurt you and move you away from the Lord and peace and how to listen to the Lord’s voice clearer for yourself. My ultimate goal is to see you walk strongly in your Christ given authority so that you can go to God for direction for youself and to walk confidently on your own.

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