Soul Wound Healing & Deliverance

Do you feel anxious, angry, bitter, sad and have little to no peace? Do you have any unhealthy behaviors, addictions or triggers that you simply cannot stop and feel controlled by? Do you have strife in your marriage or relationships that you have endured for years and all the counselors that you have worked with cannot fix it? Do you have any physical pains (back, neck, lack of sleep) that you just can’t get rid of even from anointed people that pray for you? There may be certain areas of your life that the Lord will be leading you to be delivered from so you can experience peace and joy. I will lead you through a soul wound healing session where you can forgive those who have hurt you to take away any legal rights demons could torment you with due to unforgiveness (Matt 6:14-15). We will also lead you through removing pride from your life. Then we can remove demonic strongholds to give you more peace and better health. This will help in your total restoration towards freedom. And I will teach you how you can walk strongly in your authority in Christ so that you can effectively battle the enemy and win everyday thus leading to a peace and joy filled life.  My book Freedom From Soul Wounds and Demons is also an excellent resource to help in your process of healing and deliverance.  Contact us by completing our online Contact Form or call 317-459-7091 to set up a session over the phone, internet or in person.

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