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Below are upcoming dates / locations that RESTORED TO FREEDOM will be near you!
Date/Time Event
Saturday, February 18 2023
07:00 PM CST - 09:00 PM CST
Breakthrough in Houston, TX!!
Courtyard Houston – The Woodlands, The Woodlands TX
Saturday, April 15 2023
02:00 PM CDT - 05:00 PM CDT
Deliverance Training in Merkel, TX
Fountaingate Merkel Church, Merkel TX
Sunday, April 16 2023
10:00 AM CDT - 12:00 PM CDT
Breakthrough in Merkel, TX!!
Fountaingate Merkel Church, Merkel TX
Sunday, April 16 2023
06:00 PM CDT - 08:00 PM CDT
Prophetic Night @ in Merkel, TX
Fountaingate Merkel Church, Merkel TX
Saturday, June 10 2023
07:00 PM CDT - 09:00 PM CDT
Courtyard Dallas, Plano TX


HOW TO RECOGNIZE THE TRAITS OF THE JEZEBEL SPIRIT People who operate In the spirit of Jezebel (1 and 2 Kings, Revelation 2:18-23) have all been hurt and wounded as children and teenagers (often by a parent, relative or exposure to porn or sexually violated prior to age 18) and have not been able to truly forgive. The spirit causes them to behave similarly. To get delivered they need to be honest of their bad behavior, forgive all who hurt them, repent for their pride and sin and command the spirit out. To recognize the spirit in a person below are common traits: Jezebel Spirit - Controlling (the demonic voices tell them that their decisions are the best and they can’t trust you or others - they feel if they control other people then they will never be hurt again) - Manipulative (they will guilt you to do what they want - you know if you don’t watch my child so I can go out to an event then I will have to leave them with my neighbor who is not a Christian and they could get hurt) - Anxious / Fearful - Very Jealous - Plays the role of…


YOU CAN DO GOOD THINGS & STILL GO TO HELL IF YOU REFUSE TO FORGIVE The Jerusalem Post - Priest Gerald Johnson from Michigan claimed to have visited Hell after suffering a heart attack and said the experience changed his life forever. "I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy," he said. Johnson posted his claims in a series of TikToks and claimed that he was sent to Hell in February of 2016 after his heart attack. In one of his more viral videos, which got 3.7 million views, Johnson said that he indeed saw real Hell. "I was there and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I don't care what he did to me. No one deserves that." The priest from Michigan described the moment when he was launched to the center of the Earth where he says Hell is. "My spirit left my physical body, and I thought I was on my way up [to Heaven]," he remembered. "I thought I did so much good during my life and that I helped so many people, but even so, I went down [to Hell]. I entered the very center of the Earth. The things I saw there…


HOW TO STOP DEMONS FROM GIVING YOU INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS In 2005, the National Science Foundation published an article summarizing research on human thoughts per day. It was found that the average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those thousands of thoughts, 80% were negative, and 95% were exactly the same repetitive thoughts as the day before. We can see that one of the tendencies of the mind is to focus on the negative and ‘play the same songs’ over and over again. There was another interesting study (Leahy, 2005, Study of Cornell University), in which scientists found that, firstly 85% of what we worry about never happens. Secondly with the 15% of the worries that did happen, 79% of the subjects discovered that either they could handle the difficulty better than expected, or that the difficulty taught them a lesson worth learning. The conclusion is that 97% of our worries are baseless and result from an unfounded pessimistic perception. Demons speak to Christians and non Christians alike every day giving them hundreds and thousands of thoughts to cause them to have fear, anxiety, anger, lust, bitterness, depression, suicidal thoughts. Demons say things to our minds like:…


HEALING & DELIVERANCE RESTORES YOUR CHILDLIKE INNOCENCE Children our easy targets for the enemy to hurt as they can’t protect themselves and are innocent. As we grow up we get hurt by people. Hurt by our fathers, mothers, siblings, teachers, church leaders, etc. We get exposed to pornography, touched sexually, molested, raped, nudity which causes demonic spirits of lust, perversion to give us urges to masturbate and have sexual relationships before we get married. We get messed up. We hear demonic spirits give us thoughts hundreds and thousands of times a day. And that includes those who attend church and can pray in tongues. When we are able to forgive all who hurt us, repent for our pride and sin, give the Lord our sexual lust and impure desires then the sexual images and illicit memories are wiped clean from us and we get our childlike innocence back. We become Childlike. We laugh more, tease, have wholesome fun, no longer desire to lust after people or seek out porn or behave in selfish ways. We want to play, exercise, go for walks outside, eat healthy, and we have love in our hearts for others. We are like children again in…


GODLY PEOPLE ARE RISING UP AGAINST JEZEBEL MORE THAN EVER! It is happening more now than ever. People are finally standing up to Jezebel in the church, in marriages, in the workforce, in family relationships - even in the secular world. The Lord is empowering people to stop tolerating sin, abuse, lies and they are rising up to calling out the abusers and Jezzebullies more and more every month! ““I know all the things you do. I have seen your love, your faith, your service, and your patient endurance. And I can see your constant improvement in all these things. “But I have this complaint against you. You are permitting that woman—that Jezebel who calls herself a prophet—to lead my servants astray. She teaches them to commit sexual sin and to eat food offered to idols. I gave her time to repent, but she does not want to turn away from her immorality. “Therefore, I will throw her on a bed of suffering, and those who commit adultery with her will suffer greatly unless they repent and turn away from her evil deeds. I will strike her children dead. Then all the churches will know that I am the one…


DID YOU KNOW THE BIBLE SAYS NOT TO ASSOCIATE WITH FAKE BELIEVERS? Did you know that Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 5:9-13 not to associate with “Christian” believers who indulge in sexual sin (porn, lust, masturbation, fornication), are greedy (selfish), worship idols (putting anything before the Lord like money, power, sex, alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, sports, food, etc), are abusive (emotionally, verbally, physically or sexually), drink alcohol to excess, or cheats people and are sinning regularly. Sadly that describes a whole lot of people who attend church today. There are many believers who are living ungodly lives full of sin with fruit of the flesh and have no desires to change and get right with the Lord and obey the Bible. Paul actually says we are to have nothing to do with them. To not even eat with them and that we are to judge those inside the church who are living sinful lives and that we should remove the evil person from among us. “When I wrote to you before, I told you not to associate with people who indulge in sexual sin. But I wasn’t talking about unbelievers who indulge in sexual sin, or are greedy, or cheat…


UNFORGIVENESS & PRIDE CAN BLOCK GOD FROM HEALING US In 2015-17 I led a healing ministry in Noblesville, IN at a church and we were open every Saturday from 12-4 (sometimes 5 pm) and saw people from all over Indiana and eventually from other states come to get healed from various physical sicknesses and pains. We became the busiest healing room in the state. The Lord told me to always address having people forgive those who hurt them and repent for their pride because unforgiveness and pride would often not allow Him to heal them until they dealt with that first as the demons would have legal rights to attack them. Unforgiveness is now classified in medical books as a disease. According to Dr. Steven Standiford, chief of surgery at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, refusing to forgive makes people sick and keeps them that way. With that in mind, forgiveness therapy is now being used to help treat diseases, such as cancer. "It's important to treat emotional wounds or disorders because they really can hinder someone's reactions to the treatments, even someone's willingness to pursue treatment," Standiford explained. Of all cancer patients, 61 percent have forgiveness issues, and…


HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE TRULY FORGIVEN THOSE WHO HURT YOU? The enemy wants to hurt us through other people deeply by what they say and do to us. People with demons will try to control you and feel like they can tell you anything and expect you to do what they demand. Betrayal from a person who is supposed to have loved you but then hurt you deeply with emotional abuse or worse and lied about you to others by blaming you is especially painful…especially from a parent or spouse. Christians with demons have double standards by being able to hurt and abuse their victims but then lie and twist the truth and tell as many people who will listen to their lies that they were abused and were a victim. Then those who are true Christians who were the true victims of abuse usually cover for the abuser to everyone (except for those who ask and then they reluctantly explain the truth). People influenced by demons have a lot of pride and believe they can abuse their victims and live a sinful life and then expect their victims to remain silent to cover their abuse for…


BE VERY CAREFUL WHOSE COUNSEL YOU RECEIVE There are about 30,000 pastors and over 120,000 licensed professional counselors, over 80,000 psychologists and over 30,000 psychiatrists in America who have people come to them for advice with which to handle issues in their own personal lives and relationships. Over the past year at Restored to Freedom, we have seen more and more people coming to us who have shared that they were given counsel from their pastors, counselors as well as other professionals that was actually unwise and hurt them as much of the counsel came from the person and not from the Lord or Holy Spirit. Many times the counsel given to them were from well-meaning pastors or counselors who had no understanding how demonic spirits cause people to behave which cause emotionally harmed people more harm by their aggressive / abusive spouses or controlling / abusive parents. Many times the advice was coming from a place of inexperience on the part of the pastor / counselor or sadly through similar demonic tainted like-minded spirits that were similar to the abusive spouse or parent. If they are Christian they often take scriptures talking about how “God hates divorce” in Malachi…


WOUNDED PEOPLE PROVOKE OTHERS TO STEAL THEIR PEACE When we get hurt and wounded growing up and aren’t able to forgive those who hurt us from our hearts then we will trigger on our current relationships. We will overreact, get angry, feel jealous, act like we are the victim, behave in ungodly ways, and then provoke and blame our spouse, children or others closest to us. Demons will give us thoughts to provoke people to cause them not to have peace and in order to get a reaction out of them. People who provoke others want their targeted victims to get angry and respond back in more hostile words or behaviors so they can point their finger at them and blame them instead of taking responsibility for initiating the attack. It allows them to have a level of satisfaction of controlling them to get them to lose control of their emotions and then blame them. The demons within them want the initiator of the attack to never admit that they started the fight and were the aggressor so then they can blame the responder for their reaction and portray themselves as the victim. Many who respond are exasperated because the…

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