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Beware of the beautiful outward appearance with an evil heart

Over the last few years I have ministered to thousands around the world who have been operating in the Jezebel and Leviathan spirits.  One observation that I have made is that the large majority of them would be considered to be physically attractive, both women and men.  When a person looks beautiful or handsome, they are are often able to get others to do what they want much more easily.  They also are usually very charismatic and outgoing, natural born leaders and people draw to them. But what happens to those that host the Jezebel and Leviathan spirits, is that their hearts are unfortunately being used by the enemy in very evil ways.  Those who are married to them, see the other side and their physical beauty becomes a facade of evilness and hypocritical behavior behind closed doors.  All the words of control, manipulation, emotional abuse and even physical or sexual abuse, far outweigh the attractiveness of their face.  Because their face contains their mouth which spews forth all kinds of evil which does not align with whom they are trying to portray with their outward public appearance. How many of you have known people that fit this description?  So…

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