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So what are the behavior traits of a person operating in the Jezebel spirit?

So what are the common behaviors that people who have endured pain from a father or mother (or have been raped or molested) towards their spouse, children or others in the work place or at church?  Below is a list of some common traits and, if one is truly honest (and that is the key - that the one reading it must be totally honest with themselves), they will probably identify with some or many of them.  The more of the pain that they have endured in their life from a father that was overly controlling, rejecting, and hurtful or a mother that was void of unconditional love the more of the behaviors they will exhibit. The more behavior traits that they exhibit the stronger the enemy spirit’s control of them will be and the harder it will be for them to admit they may have an underlying issue and the more challenging it will be for them to get free from the unhealthy control of the enemy.  There is a continuum and some may only exhibit a few of the behaviors, thus the spirit is not as strong upon them although it could still be present and active.  If…

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