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It is truly amazing when you think about how many lies we believe to be true every day about situations and people.  We believe lies about people because we have been told information about people from people who have anger and hatred toward certain people that they can no longer control so they make things up to make other people to believe lies that are not truth to turn them away from their victims. I remember a woman in ministry told me once that she had a dream about me doing ministry with her in New Orleans.  This woman (Woman A) had a large following on Facebook in a group.  Another lady (Woman B) who had a similar ministry to hers was called a “Jezebel” and initially caused me to believe what she said about Woman B was true.  Later I observed that Woman A seemed very angry and wanted to “expose” many other people who had ministry to “take them down.”  I learned that Woman A lied about Woman B as Woman B was a very reputable person and had a ministry with great fruit.  Then later after I had to pull away from Woman A  due to her…

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