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People who struggle with the spirit of Jezebel are unable to keep people who are godly as close friends because their spirits are not the same.  When you have a godly spirit within you and have interactions with people who operate under the spirit of Jezebel you will eventually discern their ungodly spirit and behaviors and ultimately pull away from them.  People receive the Jezebel spirit when they are hurt growing up (by fathers, mothers, step parents, sexually violated, etc.) People with Jezebel love to go to church and get into ministry leadership positions so they can shut down the true Holy Spirit from flowing and so they can control more people (including their spouse) and take out their past pains and hurts on their current relationships. You can diagnose those who operate in the spirit of Jezebel because they operate in the following characteristics:   Controlling (the voices tell them that their decisions are the best and they can’t trust you or others - they feel if they control other people then they will never be hurt again) Manipulative (they will guilt you to do what they want – “you know if you don’t watch my child so I…

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