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Character Matters

Growing up in Indiana in the church (initially in a Church of God, then Presbyterian, then charismatic and Assembly of God, then non-denominational) I was taught by the various pastors that “Christians cannot have demons.” But in my experiences in life I witnessed first-hand behaviors in my own life and others who demonstrated traits that did not seem very godly at best and often indicate the presence of demonic influence at worst. Why would people who attended church regularly say and do things to hurt other people? Why did half of marriages of people in the church end in divorce? Why would pastors and others in ministry have affairs? Why were many men looking at pornography regularly? Why were many women and men extremely controlling, manipulative, prideful, arrogant, angry, jealous, deceitful and the fruit of their lives stink? They did not behave in any way like Christ! They could act nice to people at church but then behind closed doors they were emotionally abusive to their spouses and children? The Lord had me go through an experience in my life with a woman (my wife) who was extremely abusive to me for six years and told me I could not…

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