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Throughout the Bible scripture tells us that God looks at our hearts and minds to prove out what type of person that we are – good or bad.  It doesn’t matter how beautiful or handsome a person appears to be on the outside – if they have a wicked heart and deviant mind – then their fruit will stink and they will cause you great pain being in a relationship with them.  How many times have you seen it when a woman “falls in love” with a man who can buy them anything – yet they are abused by them and the relationship ends quickly?  How many times does a man “fall in love” with a beautiful woman yet after marriage she is controlling and manipulating him and cannot stop verbally abusing him and then the relationship ends?  Most marriages are between one person who controls, manipulates and demands their own way from their mate who gives in to their every demand and receives consistent verbal abuse.  The relationship that Jezebel had with Ahab lives on today due to how people grew up with their own parents and how many emotional, physical or sexual wounds they received.  When people get…

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