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Let no words of complaint come out of your mouth

Do you know of anyone that complains often about other people, their circumstances or life in general?  What does it feel like to be the recipient of those words of complaint?  Do you feel like you just got slimed and your joy has turned to sadness? So many people in this world (Christians included) complain about everything and when the words are spoken, the enemy has the right to taint all that are within earshot. So what does the Bible say about complaining?  Does it improve your life when expressing your frustrations to others?  Do you feel like you got a weight lifted off your shoulders, or do you feel just as heavy and clouded as ever? Unfortunately we are called to never complain about anything, to anyone, but rather to give all our cares of this world to the Lord.  Suffering as unto the Lord will be honored by God, as long as we do not complain along the way, or else you could stay in that season a whole lot longer than you bargained for.  Think about the Israelites and how much they complained after the Lord rescued them from the Egyptians as they had to wander in…

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