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Overly Controlling People are controlled by fear

Over the past two years I have ministered to thousands of people around the world who all have struggled with similar issues.  They have grown up with the lack of unconditional love from a parent (usually a father) which affects them in dramatic ways for a lifetime.  Why does the lack of love from one's parents have such a huge impact on a child and their relationships throughout their life? What is the driving force that causes them to have limited peace in their lives?  What causes them to have significant strife in their lives that counseling never seems to address? When a young child grows up with a father (or mother) who is not there for them emotionally, the child will hear the enemy whisper to them that they are not wanted.  They will feel rejected.  A spirit of rejection then continues to whisper to them in their minds causing them to believe that they cannot trust their parent (and later is transferred to their spouse and others in their lives so they do not trust anyone, but themselves). If a parent treats their child with more harsher treatment, such as critical words, manipulative control, yelling or otherwise abusive…

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