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Have you ever thought about why you do the things that you do?  Why do you spend the bulk of your time working at the job / career or ministry that you are at?  Why did you marry or divorce the person that you did?  Why do you do what you do in your leisure time?  Why do you eat the foods that you do and not eat other foods?  Why do you exercise or not exercise each week?  Why do you read the Bible or don’t read the Bible?  Most in the world simply try to get through one day in order to get to the next day but rarely think about why they do the things they do each day.  They usually justify that the reason they work at an unfulfilling job is because they need to make money so they can buy things to live or provide for their family. When I think about why I do the ministry that I do (trying to help people get healed from their past soul wounds and delivered) - it is because I lived through some personal pain that was deep and want to help others to be aware of…

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