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Releasing the Spirit of Jehu

Jehu was anointed by one of Elisha's students to become king over the northern kingdom of Israel.  One of his first tasks at hand was to kill queen Jezebel, who was married to Ahab.  Jezebel had tried to kill most of the prophets of the Lord as she worshiped Baal. Jezebel was extremely controlling, manipulative, sexually seductive and even murderous.  Jehu killed the evil Jezebel which caused those in Israel to turn back to the Lord. Last night in West Hollywood at Radiance International House of Prayer, we released the spirit of Jehu to take out the spirit of Jezebel that has encompassed Hollywood for so long.  We declared that Jezebel would be removed from those in Hollywood and LA and then throughout all of California, then throughout the rest of the United States and the world. The power that was released last night was felt throughout the room that we were worshipping the Lord.  We could feel a shift in the spirit that will be felt in the region and beyond for years to come.  Expect to see people getting set free from the spirit of Jezebel in waves and waves.  The exposure of the spirit of Jezebel to…

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