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When you finally break free from someone who has the Jezebel spirit they will turn to gossip & lies to others to control you. Gossip is designed to tell lies and distorted truth about a person in order to turn others against the person. The root cause of gossip is almost always, without fail, jealousy. The more successful, attractive, kind, self-assured, anointed, loving, godly, the more fruit of the spirit in your life, the more that jealous people will gossip in order to get others to believe lies about your character so they can try and stop you from accomplishing God’s plan in your life by getting people to pull away from you and believe you to be bad. Jealousy and control is a large part of the spirit of Jezebel as they want power and prestige as they have strong pride in their lives and can’t stand others to be more anointed, blessed and loved then them. 

Most people who hear gossip never go to the person gossiped about to talk with them to understand what the real truth is. They just believe the gossip as truth and many want to believe it as the truth as they hate or are jealous of the people gossiped about. 

Gossip is contagious and is one of the best strategies the enemy uses to divide us as Christians! It plays on the thoughts we already have in our heads and tempts us into engaging further in discussions that only do harm to us and to others.

No one is immune from being sucked into it – especially Christians! We are just as, if not more, vulnerable to and susceptible to engaging in conversation that can quickly become hurtful to someone else (or the Christian faith).

One of the tricky aspects of this subject is defining the term. Sometimes we fall into the sin of gossip because we’re fuzzy about what it is. Sometimes it involves a judgment call and we cross the line inadvertently. But those who operate in the Jezebel spirit have evil intentions in their hearts and purposefully spread lies to assassinate the character of those they hate.  

What is gossip?

Webster defines gossip as either “a person who habitually reveals personal or sensational facts,” or as “a rumor or report of an intimate nature.” One of the biblical words used means “a whisperer” (Rom. 1:30, 2 Cor. 12:20) which points to the intimate nature of the material shared. Another word means “busybodies” (2 Thess. 3:11; 1 Tim. 5:13). Another word means to meddle in business which doesn’t pertain to you (1 Pet. 4:15). Another word comes from a verb meaning “to babble,” suggesting that gossip is empty, pointless talk, often not completely factual (1 Tim. 5:13). Another word, translated “malicious gossips” (1 Tim. 3:11, Titus 2:3) is the same word that is most often translated “devil.” It comes from a compound word meaning to throw something against someone. It ought to scare us to realize that when we gossip we enter into the very nature of the devil!

Gossip is sharing information which damages another person’s reputation with those who have no need to know. It may be completely factual. More often, the one sharing it has not bothered to check out the facts, which get distorted for the sake of making it more interesting and scandalous. If the one who is sharing the information knows that it is not completely true and his motive for sharing it is to damage the other person, it moves from gossip to slander. The Hebrew word most often translated “slander” means to give an evil report about someone. The Greek word means to speak against someone. James says that if we do that, we make ourselves the judge of both our brother and God’s law, usurping God’s rightful place (James 4:11, 12)

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