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When you can discern and see in the spirit you will often notice demons manifesting in the eyes of people. Their eyes are the windows into their soul. Their soul is their mind, will and emotions. If they have hatred, anger, jealousy and evil in their heart then you will often be able to see it in their eyes. 

Their demons will glare at you, and try to intimidate and get you to be in fear and obedience to them.  The person with the demons cannot hide them as the Lord shows you who they really are in the spirit as much as they try to disguise and act good, smile or say things that appear to be nice to deceive you into believing they are for you. When they stare at you the demons in them want you to look away from them first as they want you to feel intimidated and afraid of them so they can dominate and control you to submit to them.  When they cut their eyes at you their eyes will often look like a reptile. They will often have dark or black eyes with a light or white vertical slit, similar to a snake or reptile that you can see for a second or two. 

They aren’t able to stop themselves from appearing like this in their eyes or looking evil because it’s what’s in their soul which shows you that they are not for you but against you. They will often act like they love you to your face or in front of a group of people to try and convince you they are in favor of you but really are seething with hatred and jealousy inside their heart and soul for you. 

The Lord is revealing to you who they really are so you will know what’s in them and who they really are and they are not to be trusted. They are jealous, angry, and hate you and as much as they try to do or say nice things about you in front of others – eventually their fruit inside their hearts and soul will be exposed over time. You will eventually learn that they were never for you and wanted to destroy you so will lie about you to as many as possible so they will hate you as well. You must have nothing to do with them, block them and remove them from your life or they will be like Judas and betray you and cause great damage to you. 

So be aware to not trust them because eventually they will be even more exposed to you and the intentions of their hearts and you will learn over time how they have plotted against you, been jealous, gossiped and slandered you. Don’t ignore what the Lord is revealing to you in the spirit as it’s for your own protection. Not everything that glitters is gold. If they get healed of their soul wounds and delivered then you will no longer see the demons in their eyes and they will be able to be trusted.  

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