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PASTORS & CHURCHES WHO DON’T DO DELIVERANCE ALLOW SATAN FREE REIGN When a person attends a church whose pastors don’t believe in the need of deliverance for their people the only recourse they have for their tormenting daily thoughts is to go to a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist who will only prescribe medications and never help them get delivered from their tormenting demons. And many of the medications will have side effects such as depression and suicidal thoughts. So sadly many churches are being used by Satan to keep their people in torment and bondage and never allowing them to break free through inner healing and deliverance from demons. Many couples who are struggling in their marriage will typically have one person who is more controlling, demanding, emotionally abusive and prideful who is operating in the spirit of Jezebel (or would be called a narcissist by the psychological community) who will act like they are godly in front of the church leaders while lying about their abused spouse. The abused spouse will try to speak the truth to the pastor or other counselors but often the abuser will paint a picture of lies that the counselor or pastor agree with…

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