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Most people want to “get along” with everyone in the world but unfortunately most people in the world (including many who attend church) are aligned with Satan and his demons and doing his work and not the work of Jesus Christ. So if you want to get along with the ungodly you need to tolerate living an ungodly lifestyle like they do and compromising living a life for Christ, which many do. So many people in the world participate in ungodly world practices like celebrating Halloween (Satan’s holiday), yoga, and tolerating sin like homosexuality, abortion, sexual immorality, financial corruption, encouraging division between races, etc. The current election is so polarizing between good and evil and a great example of how you cannot tolerate evil nor “get along” with others who do. What is truly amazing to me is when people who would call themselves Christian would actually support the pure evilness of the Democratic Party and Joe Biden. When there are numerous videos of Biden touching young girls inappropriately, smelling their hair, and other perverse behavior, betraying America by taking money from China, the Ukraine and other countries and when recently his son Hunter’s laptop was discovered showing videos of…

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