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God wants you to enjoy your life

Last weekend the Lord reminded me to not lose focus, that although so many people that I minister to have endured much heartache and pain, that He still wants us all to ultimately enjoy our lives.  In fact, He wanted to bless me personally to enjoy some experiences which would bring joy to my heart.  So many people have experienced harsh treatment from fathers or mothers, spouses, children, employers, etc., and although it is not fun to go through these experiences, ultimately the Lord wants to use your challenges that you had endured to help others to get through the pains of their pasts so they can crossover to enjoying the latter part of their lives.  God wants to bless us with the desires of our hearts, whether simple things like eating certain foods, walking in nature, or singing to worship music. This past weekend I have been staying in the Houston area as the Lord is having me do some ministry July 10 and 11 and to be interviewed on a TV station July 13.  He knows that I love to help others to be healed from their past wounds, and that there are things in my own personal…

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