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A father’s relationship with their children is profoundly impactful for a lifetime

So many people do not comprehend just how critical it is to love their children unconditionally and speak encouraging words over them.  I was fortunate and grew up with a father that loved me and valued me.  He encouraged me to do my best in every thing that I tried.  He came to my games in school and cheered me on.  He helped me when I had questions about various projects in my life. So I developed into a man who knew how to love others unconditionally and to encourage them to do their best.  I love people the way Christ intended, putting them ahead of my own selfish desires.  It is second nature to me to want to love on every one and to speak a positive word over them. Unfortunately that is not the norm in society.  Most children grew up with fathers that were distant and removed or felt tremendous rejection from them.  In many cases, they were hurt deeply with words that were critical and actions that were worse.  Some endured tremendous emotional, physical and even sexual abuse.  What happens inside of a child that must endure this type of father? The enemy begins to whisper…

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