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When a bully demands, yells, curses, riots and threatens to kill you – should you run and hide like Elijah did when Jezebel threatened to kill him after he killed 850 of her Baal prophets or should you stand up against the bully and just say no like David did to Goliath?  It is amazing to see how many people in the world who don’t get their way will act like adult babies throwing temper tantrums to make you do what they want.  That is the way of demons.  People who listen to demons will yell, scream, curse, riot and threaten to kill you in order to make you bow down to them and their demons.  They will threaten to “expose” you in order to get you to do what they want (which really means they will lie about you in order to try and manipulate you to do exactly what they say).  We see this on a personal level between husbands and wives, friends, co-workers, church members and we see this on a national level when it comes to people aligned with organizations that are evil such as Antifa and Black Lives Matters which are controlled by people and…

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