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The main reason most relationships in the world are broken

Unfortunately most relationships and marriages in the world are not at peace and are simply miserable.  More than half of all marriages end in divorce (both believers in Christ and non-believers).  Hearts are broken as people simply want to be unconditionally loved.  What is the main reason behind all of this mess?  In one word it comes down to this.  Demons. Demons are alive and well in the world as they have been since the earth was created by God and 1/3 of the angels were cast out of heaven with their leader Lucifer (now Satan).  Demons torment people in their minds and thus cause them to buy into their suggestions in their minds to hurt themselves and other people.  Demons torment both non-believers and those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior as long as their legal right to stay tormenting them is still intact.  One of the reasons they can continue to torment a believer's soul is because they have unforgiveness in their heart towards someone who offended or hurt them. Another reason is because they have a strong spirit of pride that causes them to behave arrogantly and thinking they are better than other people.…

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