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2020 and 2021 have been very busy years for God’s remnant warriors as they have felt much shifting, changes, uncomfortableness and movement while stretching their faith to new levels never seen before. Several have already moved to new cities, counties, states and locations that they never expected - while many more are now being prompted by the Lord to move to new locations where other remnant warriors are already positioned in order to help them to accomplish their assignments in Him. Many are also leaving their secular jobs and careers and moving into their ministry assignments and callings as the experiences of suffering that they endured over their lifetimes are now opening up doors to be able to help people who have been hurt deeply to be healed and delivered. Many “suddenlies” are happening where people who have the heart of the Lord and have gone through great soul wound healing, cleansing, humbling and deliverance can now be trusted by the Lord to go forth and help those in the church who are hurting. They are suddenly being re-positioned like Joseph away from their toxic family members and places of work into new places to live, and new positions of…

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